Best iPhone SE cases you can buy today

If you're picking up an iPhone SE, here are the best cases you can pick up with it!

Interested in picking up the new iPhone SE, but not sure which case to pick up with it? From protective to thin, from colored to clear, there are tons of different cases to choose from. Everyone has different needs and tastes, so making sure you get something that works for iphone cables you and you like is really important. With that in mind, here's a look at the best options currently available!

iPhone SE Otterbox Commuter

If you think you will need some additional protection on your new iPhone SE, an Otterbox case is probably the one for you. The Commuter Series case offers protection without excessive bulk. It has a two-piece design consisting of an inner rubber case wrapped by a hard plastic shell. You'll have some additional drop protection with this case and can add a screen protector of your choice to it. You can grab one for under $25 at Amazon.

Speck Candyshell iPhone SE

If you want a protective case that has a bit more style, you will want to check out Speck's CandyShell offerings. The CandyShell cases come in a variety of colors and designs, from floral print to all black, and provide a nice secure fit on your phone. With this single-piece design, all you have to do is slide your iPhone SE in and push it into place, and then you are protected and sporting a whole new style. You can add a screen protector of your choice to help keep the front as protected as the back. Depending on your color preference, you can grab one for around $30 at Amazon.

RhinoShield CrashGuard

Apple's bumper case for the iPhone 4 was quite popular, but they haven't made any others since that one. RhinoShield is here to fill the void with its CrashGuard protective bumper. With this, you'll be able to protect all four sides of the phone, and the lip on the front and back help prevent scratches when setting the phone down. The package also comes with a clear skin to keep the back of the phone even more protected. They are available in a few color options at Amazon for $25.

Elago Matrix iPhone SE

While iPhone SE comes in four different color options, sometimes it's fun to be able to easily change the look of your phone by sliding it into a case. Elago's Outfit Matrix series comes in a number of different colors from all gold to gray and champagne, red and blue and many others. You simply snap the phone into the apple phone cases and you are set. The whole back of the phone is protected, and the lip on the front allows you to place it face down without worrying about scratching the screen up. You can grab one for around $10 at Amazon.

Apple leather iPhone SE case

Apple has made its own cases for the iPhone for a number of years, and its leather cases are one of the most popular options. The case is nice and thin, and the form-fitting design doesn't add a ton of bulk to your phone. It is made of real leather, so it ages nicely, and each case ends up looking a bit different depending how you use it. This case wraps around all four sides of the phone, with a small lip to that adds a bit of spacing should you place your iPhone SE face down. You can grab them from Apple directly, or save a few bucks and order one from Amazon.

Verus Crystal Bumper iPhone SE

If you are looking for a case to keep your iPhone SE protected without taking away from the color and design, you may want to look at Verus' Crystal Bumper. The case has a color-matched bumper with a clear hard plastic layer on the back. With this, you'll have great protection without having to add bulk or hide the color that you picked. You can choose between gold, rose gold, satin silver and steel silver. The cases run less than $20 at Amazon.

If you are in love with the color choice of your iPhone SE and want to keep it protected while showing it off, this may be the case for you. Ailun's clear TPU case not only will protect your phone, but it won't get in the way of displaying the color choice you made on the phone. The whole case is clear, including the sides, so you won't have anything that will get in the way of showing off that new Rose Gold iPhone SE. One of the best parts? You can grab one for around $7 at Amazon.

Joopapa Leather Wallet

Adding protection is a great benefit of a case, but cases are also great for adding functionality to your phone, such as holding your cash and credit cards. Joopapa's leather wallet case lets you hold multiple cards, as well as a key or some cash in the slot under the cards. This means you don't have to carry around your phone and wallet or purse, you can combine them into one. You can grab one of these in a variety of colors for less than $10 at Amazon.

LifeProof Nuud iPhone SE

Depending how and where you use your phone, you may find yourself in need of extra protection at all times. Should that be the case for you, LifeProof's Nuud case may be one of your better options. It waterproofs the phone without a screen protector, thanks to a gasket that seals between the case and the display. The case also adds great drop protection to the phone, and still allows for quick and easy access to your ports. Depending on your color preference, you can grab one on Amazon for around $40.

Mophie Juice Pack iPhone SE

If you are a heavy iPhone user, you may find yourself in need of some extra power to get through the day, and that's where Mophie's Juice Pack Plus comes in handy. While it adds protection to the phone, it also has a built-in 2100mAh battery so you can charge your phone even if you aren't near a power outlet. When you plug the case in at night, the power goes to your phone first and then the case, so you can charge them both without having to screen protectors remove the case each evening. You can grab one for around $40 at Amazon.